September 2021 minutes


This meeting was held via Zoom

Present:   J Thomson Secretary; S Mallett Administrator (present for administration item 5); R Drewery; A Adlem; C Knight, A Vallance

Item 1 S Holden having resigned the chair and A Vallance having accepted proposal (SH) and seconded by SF, a vote was held and A Vallance was unanimously elected chairman and took the chair.

Item 2 No apologies were received.

Item 3 Matters arising from the last minutes 12 May 2021

CPD: T Ward having resigned from council and taking a sabbatical, there was not to be a presentation on CPD at this meeting.

Website: 29 members were now paying via Stripe.  Admin have retained a hybrid system for those who do not wish to or cannot use this method. New members automatically use it. Stripe is not ideal for our purposes as it is designed for retail use but admin are working round the snags.

Budget, Finance: Tacconi Green (accountants) have now given a full explanation of out Corporation tax liabilities and we have been correctly charged. We will propose at the AGM that we continue to use their services. It was agreed that admin should have a proforma of monthly profit and loss statements and other data for information for inspection by chairman and treasurer, to improve budgeting. AV to create.

Conference: Final date for payment is 17 September 2021 and a reminder will be sent out by email. (Done)

The minutes were approved and hard copy signed by JT pp AV.

Item 4 Future governance of IoCF

It is proposed to shift some council duties to admin as our administrators are experienced now and council duties, especially for the chair, were onerous. We hope to attract new council members at the AGM and have clearly defined roles which members will be more readily able to handle.  JT and AV to investigate and propose a scheme.

Item 5 Administrator Reports

The new trifold leaflet outlining member benefits has gone to press.

The mentoring programme continues to thrive with 20 mentors supporting 30 mentees.

Admin find that the numbers of members submitting feedback forms and funeral numbers are disappointingly low. The usefulness of these to be spelled out once again in a newsletter.  Reported funerals during last quarter was 1,103 (May 378, June 392, July 433). Feedback forms were 183 – 158 by website, 11 by phone, 14 by email.

Postage costs have dropped from £579.95 to £373.37 due to greater email and website usage. Insurance certificates are still being posted as there is no website facility for this.

Six new members joined in the last quarter. 17 are on sabbatical.

A company called Memorialise has approached us offering to find work for celebrants. We do not recommend their services.

The forthcoming SAIF Education day and NAFD regional meeting: we have been invited as usual and members and admin are considering whether to attend.

Item 7 Finance, Budget

The annual accounts have been received in time for the AGM and will be sent out prior to the meeting which has already been formally called with agenda.  The budget for 2021-2022 has been prepared and will be regularly reviewed (see item 3 above).

Item 8 Conference and AGM

The AGM will take place on Saturday 25 September via Zoom. Conference: deposit has been paid and we are awaiting final numbers by 17 September to pay the balance due on 18 September. Profiles of the speakers are to be sent out in the next newsletter.

Item 9 AOB Digital Legacy  AV spoke on this issue

Item 10 Date of next meeting

Wednesday December 1 to be held at Hampton by Hilton Hotel, Luton Airport.  An interim Zoom meeting will be held before then to welcome new council members.


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