Searching the IoCF website for celebrants

By Su | August 25, 2022

We had the following feedback come into us and we thought it was worth sharing with our members to prove that some family members do search our website for a celebrant: “We had a natural burial for my late husband in January 2022 and P was the celebrant. A name I selected from your site […]

A ribbon to tie up your memories

By Susan Flipping | October 28, 2021

Some of the bereaved families I speak with are quite confused when I ask if they would like the funeral ceremony to be a celebration of life. I think they imagine I’m suggesting we have dancing in the aisles (I have done that!) and balloons (done that too!). But even a more traditional funeral can […]

Dressing for a funeral

By Susan Flipping | July 21, 2021

As funeral traditions continue to change in the UK, so are people’s expectations about the ‘right’ thing to wear to the ceremony. For years there was no question; everyone who could afford it wore black. In fact, our ancestors often left money in their will to pay for ‘mourning attire’. The ‘go to’ outfit is […]

Piecing the funeral sector together

By Susan Flipping | July 21, 2021

The world of death management and funerals is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. If there’s one thing that the pandemic taught us, it’s that the picture for bereaved families is better when all the pieces come together, ensuring consistency in the way a deceased person and their family are cared for. Celebrants have a […]

Rosemary for remembrance

By Susan Flipping | June 9, 2021

Does the smell of rosemary evoke the same memories for you as it does for me? Family roast dinners, a butterflied leg of lamb thrown onto a summer barbecue, languid holidays around the Mediterranean? Evidence is piling up that smells can be remarkable triggers of memory, much stronger than sight or sound, and the strong […]

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