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Planning a Funeral in Advance

Andy Johnson

For a variety of reasons, planning your own funeral can be a cathartic and comforting experience.  It may be that your family and friends are not close to you, or you are not confident that they will include all the details of your life that you would like captured. For some it is simply that they want to spare their loved ones the challenge of creating a personal, appropriate funeral.

Whatever your reasons, our members are experts in supporting you to make sure everything happens in accordance with your wishes.

As with any other funeral, our celebrants will meet with you to capture all the details you would like included.  They will then write a draft ceremony and share this with you and you are welcome to make any changes. Once the ceremony is approved, you will be provided with a copy and we recommend lodging it with your will, letting any executors and/or close family members know of its existence.  The celebrant will also keep a copy and file one with the Institute. Should you wish to make changes in the future you are more than welcome to do so and a small fee will be charged for doing so.

When their services are required, it best that whoever is organising the funeral contacts the celebrant to check their availability, before the date and time is finalised.  This will ensure your chosen celebrant leads the ceremony. But if this is not possible, the IoCF will support you in finding another suitable celebrant to lead the ceremony. 

There is normally a charge of around three quarters the usual total fee for creating a pre-need funeral ceremony.  This reflects the level of care and thought that has gone into writing the ceremony to your requirements.  The remainder of the fee is then paid when the ceremony has been delivered.

Ask your Funeral Director for an Institute of Civil Funerals Celebrant, or go to “Find A Celebrant”.

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