Welcome to our new members

We would like to welcome our new members who have joined the Institute of Civil Funerals since January.  Please say hello to them if you meet them in your area:

  1. Jeni Bern from Kingston upon Thames
  2. Debbie Donnelly from Christchurch
  3. Robert Atkin from Wimbledon Parkside
  4. Oliver Tims from West Molesey
  5. Dave Fisher from Warwick
  6. John Wallace from Derby
  7. Sam Rudgley from Norwich
  8. Mike Warren from Southampton
  9. Amanda Heale from Lymm
  10. Ruth Lush from Melton Mowbray
  11. Christian Blake from Sale
  12. Jude Edwards from Bognor Regis
  13. Carole Stacey from Cheltenham
  14. Jen Wilkinson from Rhyl
  15. Janet Hawker from Leicester
  16. Claire Nutt from Selby
  17. Julianne Page from Goole
  18. Rob Macchi from Worcester Park
  19. Lisa Taylor from Sale
  20. Hayley Harris from Oadby

Now that you are on the website please do not forget to update your personal profile and your business description and start loading any feedbacks for all to see.

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