IoCF Assessment Policy

The Institute of Civil Funerals Policy for assessment of members

In order that the high standard in the quality of funeral ceremonies written and delivered by IoCF celebrants can be assured and upheld, in joining the Institute members agree to assessment by persons approved by the IoCF Council of Management.

Assessment is in two forms:

A  Script Assessment

  1. Within the first year of membership a member will be required to submit three presentation scripts for scrutiny and feedback to ensure professional development.
  2. The IoCF administrator will request scripts for assessment by their designated ceremony number. Should any particular script requested be one where the majority of the ceremony wording, in particular the tribute to the deceased, has been written by the family, the member should submit the script of the successive ceremony number.
  3. In the second and fifth years of membership, members will be required to submit two presentation scripts for assessment on a rolling programme managed by the administrator, with the same proviso as above
  4. The IoCF Council of Management, or their appointed assessor, can, at any time, request a further script, or scripts, from a member should they feel that they have grounds to do so. This would usually be in the incidence of a matter raised by a funeral arranger or a bereaved family and would be solely for the purpose of supporting the member and enhancing their continuing professional development.

B  Assessment at Crematorium

  1. Members will be required to undergo an annual assessment of ceremony delivery. This can be undertaken by a crematorium manager or a funeral director and will be submitted to the Institute directly by them. Any comments made on the assessment return are confidential and will only be read by persons authorised by the Council of Management to do so. An overview for the celebrant can be provided on request to the administrator.
  2. If the assessment of the ceremony delivery raises any matters for concern, the member will be contacted by an IoCF assessor or council member to discuss this further.
  3. The assessment pack will be made available to members at, or following, the IoCF AGM allowing until July 31st of the following year for the returns to be submitted by the independent assessor.

August 2018

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