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May we please remind all members that there is a clear set of guidelines for the use of this page.  It is a professional space for our community to set the national standard.


It is and should always be a safe place to post about ideas about our work and provide support for each other.  Vitriol on the hand does not have a place in the group.  If any member feels that the council has not gone about the business of shepherding the institute in an appropriate manner, the FB group is not the place to voice it.  Members are always welcome to attend council meetings and this is the appropriate place to raise any concerns.


Below are the T&C’s for this group as set out by council.


  1. Nothing should be posted, or comments made, that would bring the IoCF, individual members or its employees into disrepute.
  2. The forum is provided as a safe space for all members for professional, respectful discussion and sharing of ideas and resources. Personal criticism of any individual or group, overt or implied, is not acceptable and may result in the member being removed from the Facebook group either temporarily or permanently.
  3. Posts and comments should not contain anything that could identify a specific family
  4. Posts and comments should not contain anything that specifically identifies fellow funeral professionals or locations in a derogatory way.
  5. The administrator, on behalf of the council of management, will remove any posts which are deemed inappropriate.
  6. Members will appear on the group page only by the personal name by which they are known as a member of the IoCF and not by their company or business title.
  7. Accepting the T&Cs is agreement that any poem or ceremony wording which a member shares with the group can be used by other members in their ceremonies.
  8. The content of any post or comment in the Facebook group (information, resources, anecdotes etc) should not be reproduced on any other social media page or forum, without the express permission of the original author.

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