August 2020 Newsletter

Institute of Civil Funerals

August 2020 Newsletter

Dear Member,

I hope that you are all getting some kind of summer break to recharge your batteries in what has proved to be a very challenging quarter.

Following our recent Council meeting and from listening to your comments, we have news for you!

We were pleased to welcome and co-opt Tracey Ward on to the Council to help us with our work on your behalf.

Milestone Certificates:

We will be reinstating the Milestones Certificates. In the past some people felt that these were rewarding quantity of funerals undertaken over quality. Please be assured that this is not the case. It is a recognition from the Institute for those who feel the need for their work to be recognised. It seems that more Celebrants are being asked by Funeral Directors new to them, how many funerals they have done. It may also be useful in other ways that you market yourselves and of course, something for you to take pride in, according to your own working practice. To officially prove the number of funerals undertaken an official certificate to mark your milestones will be issued if you wish.

If you want to have a certificate of your milestone of the number of funerals undertaken, (100, 200,300,500, 1000 and beyond), PLEASE let the admin staff know. In order for the staff to be able to do this it is very important that you keep a numbered record of the funerals that you undertake and include the funeral numbers on your end of month funeral figures.

Membership Cards:

We will also be making sure that you all have a current laminated membership card. If you have not got one, please let the admin staff know and send in head and shoulder jpeg photo of your smiling self! This photo can also be used on your profile in the member area. A selfie on your phone is fine.

Social Media:

Don’t forget to ask to be in the Facebook support group and you can follow the IoCF on Twitter.


Work on upgrading the website is in motion and we thank everyone who contributed suggestions and comments.

AGM and Seminar Day:

This had been set for Saturday 17th October from 10.00am until 12.30pm, via Zoom. Further details to follow, but please book the date now. No travel necessary! A Free event! How can you say no?!

With best wishes for the rest of the summer and for your continued good work in the field of civil funeral celebrancy.

Sue Holden

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