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Following the Facebook post of 15 October 2020 regarding the inclusion of a paper in AOB for the 17 October 2020 AGM agenda, Council met during the morning of 16 October 2020 to discuss this. The response below comes from all of us and is intended to correct certain inaccuracies and concerns.

  • The paper was submitted to the chair on Tuesday 13 October 2020 for inclusion at the AGM.  It was then shared with all Council members who agreed that due to the number of points raised and its length, we would not be able to have a full discussion within AOB. An AGM is for reports to be given to members on the work of the management/council over the past year, and is not an open discussion forum.
  • AOB is for short questions or points only.
  • The member was told that his item would be included on the agenda under AOB as requested and a revised agenda was circulated to all members on 13 October 2020.
  • The member was told that his paper and a response from Council would be circulated to all members along with a questionnaire on the subject within seven days of the AGM. It was never “dismissed out of hand.”
  • For full discussion at the AGM this paper should have been submitted as an agenda item.
  • The member has contacted individual Council members personally to express his concerns over a period of several months. We have listened carefully to his arguments and, as a result, we have had further discussions about family feedback at Council meetings. For strategic reasons, the final outcome has always been that the most effective and efficient way for the Institute to seek family feedback is through the card system.
  • The accusations of Council “dismissing suggestions out of hand”, “having a culture of not listening” and “stifling concerns” are unfounded. Members’ emails and suggestions are always answered and discussed. These are considered on the basis of whether they will add value to the majority of members, whether they are time and cost efficient and whether they are in line with the Institute “Setting the National Standard”.
  • The suggestion that communication from Council is poor is inaccurate. Regular newsletters are sent to all members and posted on the website, along with minutes of quarterly Council meetings. Conferences and Seminar days are organised and bulletins put out on Facebook.
  • Milestone certificates were stopped at the request of some members, then after discussion, reinstated at the request of others. Notification was sent to all members in the August 2020 newsletter.
  • Every member has the right to ask for a matter to be discussed at Council meetings and may even attend in person to present a proposal.
  • The Council welcomes suggestions and feedback from Institute members. Every suggestion is given due consideration but, as with any organisation, it is not always possible to implement every one of them.
  • This year more than ever, due to unprecedented circumstances, Council have spent many hours in striving to keep members updated with changes in rules and regulations around the Coronavirus and to give out up-to-date proven advice and guidance which is always posted on Facebook, the website and often in a newsletter.

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